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Spiral Staircases

In the UK, Paradigm Stairs has an unrivalled collection of spiral staircases for both residential and commercial uses. These spirals come in a variety of heights and diameters, ranging from basic DIY kit spirals to custom manufactured stairs with glass and stainless steel. Since the early 2000s we’ve been supplying access solutions to new build constructions and renovations throughout the UK and across Europe.

For over 3000 years, spiral staircases have been employed in construction. The original purpose of a spiral staircase was for protection and defence, and they were widely found in castles and forts during the Middle Ages. Because of its twisting shape, opposing armies were unable to overwhelm the building with warriors, putting them at a disadvantage. They were constructed in a clockwise ascending direction so that a right-handed intruder carrying a sword would have difficulty with the central column, while a solider defending the castle would be able to fight downwards using the favoured right hand. To further thwart attackers, these early spiral staircases might have utilised inconsistent height and depth steps.

Spiral and helical stairs have in modern times been associated with elegance, style, and ergonomic design. They are found in many of the world’s most renowned structures and remain great space-saving choice for accessing an upper level while at the same time creating an architectural centrepiece.

Quoting for your Spiral Staircase

Each of our Spirals has its own unique qualities and material options, with some either more or less suited depending on diameters. To get a quote for our spiral staircases, we’ll need to know the height and circumference from floor to floor, as well as the model and materials you’d want to use. Don’t worry if you don’t have exact floor-to-floor measurements, are unclear about the diameter, or are undecided about the materials — each spiral is priced per step, and we can provide alternate treads or balustrade options within the price range. It’s all really simple! We conduct a site survey with all our customers to obtain accurate data at that point in the process.

Our Spiral Staircase Projects