Exquisite Internal Metal Curved Staircase: Compliant with UK Building Regulations

Internal Spiral Staircase Made of Curved Metal

Introduction: Welcome to our page showcasing the extraordinary internal metal curved staircase that combines stunning aesthetics with strict compliance to UK Building Regulations. This architectural masterpiece resembles a graceful sea shell, with a white metal string that serves as both a balustrade and a captivating design element. By adhering to the highest regulatory standards, this staircase ensures not only a visually striking feature but also guarantees safety and functionality. Let us explore the remarkable features, compliance aspects, design visualization, and additional safety measures of this exceptional staircase.

Design and Aesthetics: The internal metal curved staircase we present to you is a true work of art. Its design draws inspiration from the intricate spiral patterns found in seashells, infusing elegance and sophistication into any interior setting. The plastered underside of the staircase accentuates the twisted, curved appearance, adding to its captivating charm. The white metal string, which acts as a balustrade, beautifully complements the overall design, ensuring a harmonious and visually stunning focal point.

Compliance with UK Building Regulations: This internal metal curved staircase is meticulously engineered to meet and surpass the rigorous standards set by the UK Building Regulations. The compliance aspects include:

  1. Height and Width Requirements: The staircase dimensions adhere to the minimum and maximum height and width regulations outlined in the Building Regulations, ensuring ease of use and safe navigation for users.

  2. Tread and Riser Measurements: The tread depth and riser height of the staircase strictly follow the recommended measurements specified by the regulations. This guarantees a comfortable and secure stepping experience for individuals using the staircase.

  3. Handrail and Balustrade: The white metal string that winds along the staircase acts as both a balustrade and a handrail. Its design and height conform to the guidelines provided by the Building Regulations, ensuring user safety without compromising the aesthetic appeal.

  4. Construction Material: The use of high-quality metal in the staircase’s construction ensures its structural integrity and longevity. The materials employed meet the necessary fire safety requirements mandated by the Building Regulations.

  5. Accessibility: This internal metal curved staircase prioritizes accessibility, accommodating individuals with mobility challenges. The design considers guidelines related to step dimensions, handrail height, and clearances, ensuring compliance with accessibility standards.

Design Stage with 3D Staircase Rendering and Detailed Site Survey: Our commitment to providing a seamless experience extends to the design and installation process. We offer a comprehensive design stage that utilizes 3D staircase rendering, allowing you to visualize the staircase within your space. This cutting-edge technology provides an accurate representation, enabling you to make informed decisions and modifications before the manufacturing and installation processes begin.

To ensure a perfect fit, our team conducts a detailed site survey. This survey considers architectural nuances, such as ceiling height, adjacent walls, and structural factors. By meticulously assessing the area, we eliminate potential challenges and guarantee precise fabrication and installation, resulting in a seamless integration of the staircase into your space.

Additional Low Profile Handrail for Safety and Comfort: To enhance safety and comfort, we offer an additional low profile handrail integrated into the center post of the internal metal curved staircase. This thoughtful addition maximizes the available tread width while providing an extra level of support for users. It ensures a secure grip and promotes confidence during ascent and descent, catering to individuals of varying ages and mobility levels.

Conclusion: Discover the captivating beauty and unrivaled compliance of our internal metal curved staircase. With meticulous attention to UK Building Regulations, this staircase ensures safety without compromising on aesthetics. Through the design stage, including 3D staircase rendering and a detailed site survey, we guarantee a seamless fit within your space. The additional low profile handrail further enhances safety and comfort while

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