Tag: LED Stair Lights

Staircase lighting is a bit different from what you might use in other areas of your home. Not only does it need to be bright enough for safe use, but it’s also usually located in a narrow space. This can make finding the right lighting solution a bit tricky.

But there are some great options out there that can really transform your staircase into a work of art. With LED strips, for example, you can light up each tread individually. This creates a beautiful and dramatic effect while also ensuring safety.

Take a look at some of our Lit Staircase designs for inspiration and see how easy it is to make a stunning first impression in your home’s entranceway.

Our internal metal staircases are both stylish and functional, but combine that with under-stair lighting and you’ve got a real design statement on your hands. This style of lighting can be designed into your staircase at the time of installation.

However, keep in mind that the lighting may be visible from below, so we make sure it’s recessed and no wires are left exposed for a safe and sleek finish to your staircase lighting.