If you’re looking to add a touch of elegance to your home or follow the latest trends, consider using a grey finish on your staircase. This rich colour (or non-colour) is perfect for accent walls, doors and staircases. You can create a stunning effect on your stairs by pairing it with oak treads and handrails and using light cream or white for surrounding walls. At Paradigm Stairs, we utilise powder-coated metal staircase strings in a variety of configurations with balustrades to compliment. Steel Apron linings for landing balustrades complete the effect.

The overall aesthetic is one of contrast. The refined shadows of the grey surfaces are offset by the brightness of the walls, and the smooth finish of the grey metal is juxtaposed with the natural textures of the oak. Yet all this contrast comes together to create something harmonious. The use of oak in treads and handrail would be a dark feature, yet it is brightened and highlighted thanks to its placement against the grey. The texture and grain of oak can be subtle features, but they are made to stand out against the modern, low-profile, grey metal staircase strings. This brings about a harmonious fusion of contrasting colours and materials that just works!