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Outdoor Spiral Staircase Kits: The Ultimate Way to Access Your Garden

Hello, fellow homeowners! Have you ever daydreamed about adding a bit of flair to your garden or creating a more stylish connection between your home and garden levels? Well, an outdoor spiral staircase might just be the magic touch you’re looking for. Not only do they save space with their compact design, but they also add a heap of character and charm to your outdoor space. And guess what? With outdoor spiral staircase kits, this addition is not only cost-effective but can also be your next rewarding DIY project. The questions we are often asked are;

Are Outdoor Spiral Staircase Kits Sturdy?

Do They Last Outdoors for A Long Time?

Are They Easy to Instal or do I need Professional Installation?

So Let’s dive into why these kits could be a game-changer for your garden and answer some of these questions.

Why Choose an Outdoor Spiral Staircase Kit?

So, why go spiral? And why go kit? Besides their obvious elegance and the way they can transform a plain garden or Patio area into a scene straight out of a home design magazine, spiral staircases are incredibly space-efficient. They can connect your home to your garden or lead up to a balcony without taking up the precious outdoor space you cherish for gatherings, gardening, or just lounging in the sun. Another reason to choose a spiral is because often you cannot run a straight staircase along an outside wall without interfering with doors and windows.

The Budget-Friendly Beauty of Kits

Now, let’s talk numbers. Custom-built options might give you that bespoke feeling, but they can also leave a bespoke-sized hole in your wallet. Enter the staircase kit: your budget’s best friend. These kits come with everything you need and because they’re produced in number, the cost savings are passed down to you, the savvy homeowner. You can choose from a variety of colours, Zink for the industrial look or if they are hidden away. Black, White Light or Dark Grey for open areas where they need to impress.

Durability and Weather-Proof Nature

Standing Strong Against the British Weather

We all know the UK weather can be a bit… unpredictable. That’s why anything we build outdoors must be up to the challenge. Thankfully, the materials used in these kits are made for the job. Whether you opt for galvanized steel, or the galvanised finish with powder-coated finish, these staircases are designed to withstand whatever the clouds throw at them. And with a little bit of regular maintenance, your spiral staircase will remain a sturdy and stunning feature for years to come.

The Joy of DIY: Installing Your Spiral Staircase

A Project You’ll Be Proud Of

Now, for the fun part.(for some). Installing your staircase kit can be a weekend project that leaves you with not just a new feature for your home but also a huge sense of accomplishment. These kits are designed with the DIY enthusiast in mind, but there are a couple of points to consider before tackling the job. There will be cutting and drilling involved and power tools are necessary to accomplish this. (you will need to know your way safely with an angle grinder)

You don’t need to be a professional builder to put your staircase together. However, this is a project suitable for confident DIYers. It is a good two days work for two people.

Paradigm Stairs does offer a nationwide installation service if you do want professional installation. A guide price for this service is £1000 + VAT

Integration With Your Outdoor Space

Imagine your spiral staircase not just as a standalone structure but as an integral part of your garden or patio. Use it to create a new focal point, or to enhance an existing one. Whether it leads up to a rooftop terrace where you can enjoy the sunset or down to a cosy garden nook, the possibilities are endless.

Winding Up

Choosing an outdoor spiral staircase kit for your home is a decision that combines practicality with aesthetic appeal. It’s an investment that adds value not just in financial terms but also in terms of lifestyle. With their cost-effectiveness, durability, and DIY-friendly nature, these kits offer a fantastic solution for homeowners looking to enhance their outdoor spaces.

And remember, the journey from box to garden beauty comes with support. Manufacturers and community forums are great resources if you have questions or need a bit of advice along the way. And we are here (the author has installed 25+ of these )

So, why not take the plunge? Your outdoor spiral staircase awaits, ready to bring a twist of elegance and functionality to your home. Happy building!

Sky Outdoor Spiral Staircase Galvanised
Sky Outdoor Spiral Staircase Galvanised

The Sky Zink Outdoor Spiral Staircase is a kit that can be put together to your specification consisting of treads and a triangular landing platform.

Sky Outdoor Spiral Staircase White
Sky Outdoor Spiral Staircase White

The Sky Outdoor Spiral Staircase is the perfect compromise when a coloured staircase is needed with the cost savings of a modular system. The perfect Outdoor Spiral Staircase for Garden and Terrace access.

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